АО Биокапитал
Artemia (at the stage of cysts)
Processing of Artemia cysts harvested from the Kulunda Lake
(Altai region, Russia)

Our company

Our company is engaged in harvesting and processing of Artemia cysts from the Kulunda Lake, Altai region, Russia (fishing zone No.151"Kulundinskiy").


Raw and brined Artemia cysts sourced from the Kulunda Lake, Altai region, Russia (fishing zone No.151" Kulundinskiy ") is available for sale.

Quality characteristics of the product:

  • Moisture level - max 50%
  • Shell content - max 10%
  • Impurities content - max 1%

The product is packed in polypropylene bags (45-55 kg).


The Kulunda Lake having an area of 728 square kilometers is characterized by high and stable levels of Artemia populations productivity.

The annual total reserves of artemia (at the stage of cysts) in the lake vary from 2500 to 5000 tons.